Perfect Midnight Music


Perfect Midnight Music is the musical project of M.T. Kinoian Lujan.

I’ve been making music in some form or another since the mid-90s, when I lived in Richmond, Virginia. At that time I owned a synth, acoustic and electric guitars, a bass guitar, a trumpet, and an 8-track Tascam recording console. With the exception of the trumpet (which I learned to play in school), I’d taught myself how to play all these instruments and was beginning to write and record my own songs.

At that time I was working as a pizza delivery driver. My habit was to buy a six-pack of some craft beer or another after my shift, and then proceed to drink it all while recording music into the wee hours of the morning. Needless to say by the end of each session my performances were somewhat less than precise.

While none of those recordings survive (and that may be a blessing), two of the songs I’d written during this period (The Last Dandelion and Shining in Silence) ended up being transcribed to software sequencer when I began experimenting with that method of music-making in the early 00s. Fifteen years later I finally got around to giving these twelve instrumental tracks a proper release.

As of this writing (February 2020), I’ve begun laying down tracks for my second album, tentatively titled Love, Nemesis.

I also write, and make fine art and decorative art.